Kia Ora

Of course I couldn't stay away... Crikey dick, but I've missed being here.

Now that life has settled back down and I've got the hang of being a power suited city slicker it's time to softly shake the creative brain cell that has been slumbering these last few months.

The new job has changed me a little that's for sure. I'm busier, stressed and in bed by 9.30pm most nights; on the plus side I have a fabulous wardobe and I've fallen in love with the city I work in. I'm learning to deal with the stress and running for the bus in heels is a breeze, but the real difference is my newly found reverence for all that the weekend brings. Whether it's a bustling Saturday market or a rainy Sunday curled up with a book it's all about the weekend baby!

I've puttered around a craft fair, walked on the beach, lunched with a friend and spring cleaned the daughter's first flat. I made a salad so sexy it curled my toes, planted the first tomatoes of the season and drank one too many Corona's. Add to this seven loads of washing, three Op shops and a sunburnt nose... two very happy days.

Mozzarella and tomato salad

Now Monday morning beckons. The house is tidy, the family is fed and tomorrow's outfit is hanging on the wardrobe door. Time for bed x


  1. Great to hear the update and how much your weekends are treasured. You sure seem to be achieving a lot in a weekend! Hoping you will have a spare day or two when I come over next year! I will hire a car again this time so I am not constrained to relying on my poor Dad.

  2. Hey Jus - it's so lovely to see you popping in and 'blimey' your job does sound very important. I'm glad you're managing to juggle - just in a different way.

    Love the thought of you running for the bus in heels - I'd always be the girl in trainers with her heels in her bag. I'm such a part timer!

    take care and enjoy the burnt nose - we're all wrapping up over here.

    Nina xxx

  3. Great to hear your news. I am exhausted now! x

  4. Hello deary!
    I hadn't realised you'd posted here, so I'm very glad you popped by and spurred me to visit here!
    Great to hear you're enjoying your new job and that you've found a new 'reverence' for weekend life!
    I hope you'll be chilling in this cyber space again soon :-)
    Happy Christmas !