Today I will be mostly eating...

It's rather exciting here at the moment.

I'm a week into my new job and loving it. The view from my office is almost worth the bus trip alone... traffic jams are much more appealing when they take place on the water.

However, it's the plethora of nearby cafe's, bars and bistro's that entice a greedy desk jockey like me; they really float my boat.

Today's lunch special was....

An Habitual Fix sandwich shared in the Autumn sunshine with my delightful dining companion luscious Lil.

N.B. At what age does your metabolism hit sluggish?
Probably about the same time as that one extra glass of wine means a 2 day hangover and the pain of childbirth seems almost laughable when compared with electrolysis!


  1. Well done on the new job. Lunch looks good. And what a nice view have to look at while you work.

  2. Hi Jus!

    I think you're probably right - I don't bother drinking much anymore as I can't bear the headache anymore.

    Good luck with new job.

    Nina x