A tight fit...

I'm no fashion maven but I have recently discovered Donna Karan's hosiery and it is true what they say... you get what you pay for!

The black suede effect tights from the signature collection suck you in, hold you up and make your pins look endless.

Are you a tights lady or a stockings girl?

My fate was sealed back when Miss Selfridges had their communal changing room. As an awkward 13 year old I struggled to publically strip to my undies, especially since my mother would inevitably comment loudly on the total lack of necessity for my bra, Lord the shame!

I'd rummage around in the corner, red-faced and sweaty, whilst the leggy lovelies of Croydon would strut their stuff in stockings and suspenders. It was here that I realised I would always be affiliated with the woolly tight wearers of the world. All that sexy glamour just seemed like such hard work.

My Donna Karan's are the office workers equivalent of woolly tights and granny knickers...happy, happy me.

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