I've had a great week!

Last Tuesday saw me at the Auckland Stardome as part of the delegation from the Consulate. We were there to support the Australian artist, Lynette Wallworth as she screened her latest work, Coral: Rekindling Venus.

Have you been to a Stardome? I'm adding the installation of one to my list of 'things I'd do with a million big ones'
I lay in the darkness watching enormous colourful coral pinwheel acoss the screen, red wine in one hand and canapes in the other... Magical!

The weekend brought rugby, a cherry bread and butter pudding and new slippers and today I was spoiled with a lunch date at Cafe Hanoi.

The five spiced poussin was delicious as was the 'shaking' beef and savoy salad but this weeks discovery was Cafe Sua Da! A single cup of coffee percolated at the table with its very own tiny coffee tin.

In the glass underneath sits a sticky layer of condensed milk and after five tantalising minutes of watching the drip, drip, drop you blend and enjoy.

Crikey Dick, it's good...


  1. Now I'm loving he idea of that Cafe Sua Da ... and I just found some recipes online ;D