Not something you see everyday

Wowzer, it was cold this morning!
We are not used to frosty starts here in Auckland, but this morning there was a definite nip to be felt and a crunch under foot. The sun is out now though and I'm finding it hard to concentrate as the view from my window is sublime.

I'm watching the ferries sail in and out, the sea is twinkling and in the distance tiny white sails dot the horizon. How on earth am I supposed to get any work done?

I'm meeting my 'creative' friend for drinks later. Of course, she is so much more than just one word but when I think of her I always think 'creative'. Which leads me to ponder on the pigeon holing of friends. I rattle off 'clever' friend, 'op-shop' friend, 'cake' friend, 'walking' friend, 'cinema' friends, 'drinking' friends, 'argument' friend and 'beauty' friend without a second thought.

There is a great deal of sub setting within these groups, and if I was still in Miss Harrison's year 3 maths class I'd be furiously colouring in a complicated Venn diagram with my pack of ten Crayola's. 'Cake, drinking, argument and beauty' friend is in fact just one woman, and what a woman!! 

And of course there's an beautiful, big, blue bubble in the top right hand corner labelled 'blog' friends!

Have an AWESOME weekend bubble people xx


  1. Looks like a nice day, now I'm thinking do I pigeon hole my friends? I think I do.

  2. What a great post! And what a view! Don't know that I'd be able to get much work done either.

  3. LOL. Love your Venn diagram! And loving your view there. Clear skys. What a treat!

  4. Brilliant! I have a knitting, cake, vino, laugh-myself-silly-with friend ... she's the best!