I’ve known for a while that Bread and I are just not friends. Cake, Pastry, Biscuit and Pasta have also kicked me out of the gang and Cous Cous and his little army of breakfast cereal thugs stopped talking to me ages ago. There’s no eat in wheat… well actually there is, but my bowel and I get more than a little irritable when it’s included at the dinner table.

For a card carrying member of the ‘I LOVE CAKE’ party this is a bit of a set-back, but I’m discovering that there are options for the sweet toothed and gluten free.

This flourless chocolate cake is delicious and almost brownie-ish in texture.

and don’t you just want to gobble up this orange cake…. Just like the margarine says, ‘I can’t believe it’s not gluten!”

I have also had to start looking for an alternative to my faithful favourite the sandwich. Lunch today was a revelation as I found Federal and Wolfe, a cafe that serves up bowls of steaming kedgeree… so yum! Especially when it’s accompanied by little jam jars of organic juice.

I had hoped this may induce the weight to fall off.... HA!!


  1. Oh no well I guess you will have to find lots of new recipes, and have fun trying them all out.

  2. I adore kedgeree! And that chocolate cake looks perfect!

  3. I'll be joining you - my tummy has gone all of a gurgle these past couple of months and I have a awful feeling.....!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x