Exciting News!


Remember I mentioned creative writing classes?

Well, my tutor thought that I should try to get my very first short story published and being a 'give it a go' sort of girl I sent it off to NZ Radio. I received a lovely email back with some valuable feedback and a really hopeful, "maybe I'm in with a chance of having it read over the airwaves as part of their short story season" message. I've made a few changes and now it's winging it's way back to the drama panel (let's just hope that Simon Cowell's kept busy in the U.S!)

If you'd like to have a gander, you can read it over here

Have a wicked weekend!


  1. Ooh missus you clever lass. Will try and have a looksy this weekend, well done you!!!
    When you are rich and famous, don't forget humble Gem from Treasures from the Cherry Tree, mind!!
    Happy weekend lovely!
    x x x

  2. Yay! Awesome news! Go Girlfriend. x Jacs

  3. Clever you. Well done. x