round up!

What a glorious weekend...

I managed to get the herb garden started,

baked a shed load of cookies and cried buckets whilst chopping my body weight in onions, although the resulting jars of caramelised onions were worth it.

The Sunday lunch menu was a given really... roast pork with a sage, onion and baked apple sauce and a pudding of homemade cookie and cream icecream... nom, nom, nom
P.S. I also managed a quick fossick round the op' shops... treasures galore, photo's soon.


  1. Yum what a nice lunch, I love onions done that way.

  2. Lovely pictures of fab food Jus! You always make me feel hungry ... and the herb garden is going to be great!

    Have a Wicked Wednesday

    Love, Claire xx

  3. yummm! Those onions look gorgeous. congrats on new herb garden!