Just the two of us...

I've been a mother for almost half my life. An extraordinary concept and one that takes my breath away if I think along these lines for any length of time.
Of course I remember what it was like pre pregnancy, but I don't really remember the feeling of being completely in charge. However, with my youngest on the cusp of his sixteenth birthday things are changing. Weekends are all about noisy days but quiet, quiet nights. The social life of a teenager is nocturnal and more often than not Slap and I find ourselves alone after 8pm. If the boys aren't out, they're plugged into the computer and babysitters have been replaced by the WiFi connection and a family bag of Dorrito's.

For too long, Saturday nights have been about staying home but we can drink wine and fall asleep mid CSI any night of the week. It's time to reclaim the weekend!

Here we are at the Lantern Festival

Here we are at a rather lovely restaurant playing "Ooh, this one's a lively one" with our napkins,
after just one (lies, lies) tiny glass of wine!!
And here we are under a photograph of an enormous lobster.
P.S. Slap didn't pose unwillingly for these photo's... in fact the lobster one was his idea, yep!


  1. Great post, we're reaching that stage in our house too, the 17 year old can be left in charge of the 10 & 13 years old - although I think it's the 10 year old who is actually in charge! We can't remember what to do when we get out though!!

  2. Ha ha love it!!!! Slap's dashing isn't he? Glad you are reclaiming your time.
    Sometimes when our weekends are mad with the 3 and 9 year old, I long for time together again but I know I will cry when it comes too.
    So your blog post cheered me up!!!
    Enjoy it Jus.