another one bites the dust...

I've just read my last post. All that resolute determination... it lasted slightly longer than the bus ride home. I found a half eaten Mars Bar in the bottom of my handbag and according to the law in New Zealand, once you've fallen off the diet high horse you must eat frenziedly until you remount (check out all the awesome NZ laws on the website www.i'mabigfibber.co.newzealand)

As a law abiding permanent resident of this glorious land I have stuck rigidly to the rules and I am now 3kg heavier than when I started the diet. I have also cancelled my gym membership as I found public sweatiness even more impossible than pooing in a public toilet.

Middle class... you betcha!

What should I do? What do you do? I'm desperately chanelling Kate Moss but she was wrong when she said nothing tastes as good as skinny... a kebab blows skinny out of the water. Should I just give up on diets and exercise routines? I wonder what would happen if I lived a full fat life... replace the meal replacement with a few tasty morsels and a glass of wine. Jump off the treadmill and take a walk on the beach. It can't be less successful than the diets to date.

Oooh, I'm a little bit excited! Actually, I'm going to start right now.
Yes, it's Tuesday afternoon.
Yes, it's a well known fact that the only time to start a diet is Monday morning but I'm throwing all the rules out the window and doing it my way.

Wish me luck xx

Random lemon tart photo - baked and enjoyed last month.


  1. Good luck, it's such a hard battle.

  2. Oh Jus, I think we were separated at birth! I have been going to weight watchers for 14 months now, at my peak I had lost 22lbs ... It's dwindled to 15.5 roughly 1lb a month. I'm still going but easily fall off the wagon ... I wish it was easy ... I think, I'm going to go for long walks along the beach, only to reward myself with a tasty morsel when I get home.

    Good luck, and I mean it sincerely!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. I fell off the diet wagon too, I'm still paying for an online diet plan though! Oh dear....
    Those lemon tarts are making my mouth water, they look delicious!