Today I travelled to work on Auckland's first double decker.
HUGE excitement was apparent amongst my sleepy brigade of fellow commuters. We jostled for position and I'm horrified to admit that my innate Britishness was thrown under the bus as the double doors opened and I made a dash for the stairs. There is only one seat worth it's salt on a double decker, and that is the seat by the window at the front on the left (better views... I have been giving this a lot of thought since discovering that a second storey was going to be available... don't judge me!!)

Mission accomplished I sat and marvelled at the world above bungalow level. An awful lot of useful stuff seems to have been thrown onto the roof of the bus stations I pass enroute to the office. I'm wondering if all the black shoes I spied come from the same foot? Perhaps a disgruntled business man decided to fling his workday wardrobe upward in a rebellious moment and is now parading around town in orange sandals? If so, he'll be spotted from my new favourite vantage point.

Coincidentally, I have been giving the idea of perspective some thought recently. I took this photo whilst on holiday and it has made me think that as much as I enjoy being a stay-at-homebody, perhaps my world would benefit from a trip outside of my front door. So, I'm giving myself a few "things to do" that don't involve the house, desk or garden and I'm off to take a wander around the recently refurbished Auckland Art Gallery.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Jus..I'm an ex Aucklander, now a Queenslander and am extremely jealous of you all being able to take a double decker bus. I will have to plan a trip on it next time I visit my family!

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    1. Only because it was a double up!

  3. It's alway good to look at things from all angles.

  4. We take double decker buses for granted here in the UK, I've started to use the bus a bit more lately for trips into the city, it's a less stressful way to travel! Enjoy your time out & about.

  5. We have quite a few double deckers where we live in the UK but we still always make a dash for the upstairs front seat. My boys can get quite upset if there is already someone sitting there. Wishing you luck.

  6. I love being at the front of a double-decker!!
    Hope you had a lovely time at the art gallery!
    Your Easter break sounded fabulous!
    Rachel x