Meatball Problems...

the breathing flower chandelier - auckland art gallery
What does that mean?

When I occasionally lose control of the TV remote Oompa-loompa's appear with huge eyelashes, squeaky voices and questionable taste in daywear. They seem to constantly bemoan their TV lives, always having meatball problems. Is this because they were once Italian and therefore habitual eaters of meatballs? Or is it because they look a little like carroty flavoured meatballs themselves? I have asked but received the same non-response that I had to my question, 'why do boys keep referring to other boys as bras?' (answers on a postcard please).

My interest stems from a recent conversation I overheard; a fellow commuter referred to a rotten first date as a first world problem (she was loud, don't judge me) . Rather a succinct way of looking at things, do you agree? I have a nasty tendancy to wrestle with petty niggles or slights, turning them into properly large issues that can leave me out of sorts for days. My birthday for example. I love birthday's and get a lot of pleasure out of planning and choosing, wrapping and baking so is it unreasonable to get shirty when my houseful of men makes no reciprocal effort? I would love to be the tranquil type that rises above such selfishness, but I'm not, I'm a narky old bat that gets petulant when aggrieved.

I spent last night sulking and now I feel silly. I am channelling serene but it's hard because I still feel cross and ridiculously hard done by. I'm being an egg... I know this, but it doesn't make life any easier.

Oh well, I'll keep chewing things over and hoping that a bigger person than me makes the first move.

Thank you for listening, rant over!


  1. Oh Jus, I know exactly where you're coming from! I actually broke my heart on my birthday because nobody in my immediate family really bothered ... I, like you, make a huge fuss, large pile of presents, home made birthday cake, nicely wrapped gifts, etc, etc. I felt stupid afterwards but at the time it was a huge deal! Hope your birthday was lovely in the end sweetie.

    Love Claire xx

  2. I am recognising in you a kindred spirit hehe!!

  3. Oh poor you, same thing happens to me; my fault apparently for having a birthday during "that" season! I hope you have a lovely weekend, take yourself out for a coffee, that always works for me. xx

  4. ah we are all so similar. feeling it and you aren't silly. let us know why boys are bras........ x x