A self-portrait sort of day

still can't work out where to look when you take a selfie

Today I woke up at 6am, bounced out of bed, did 40 seconds on the bike, fell off, weighed myself, laughed, emptied the dishwasher and threw a load of laundry on, showered, dressed, slapped on some lippy and sang all the way to the bus stop.
I've been in this chipper mood all day. I'm tackling the smelly stuff right down the bottom of the to do list, I've stuck dutifully to my fasting day (5:2 diet, giving it a go!), crikey… I'm even writing a blog post.
Last night, before I fell asleep I decided that today was going to happen this way. Does that sound all Tony (white teeth) Robbins? I'm not one for mantras and affirmations, but last night I just felt like I should start today differently. So, I set the alarm for 6 and do you know, it's working! Today is different, more sorted somehow.
I'm going home via the scented candle shop and tonight I will soak in a tub filled with bath milk. My favourite pyjamas, a cup of tea and some lightweight reading will round off the day.
And tomorrow…I think tomorrow may be pretty good too.


  1. Aww, you look lovely Jus! Sounds like a great day ... I may have done this very thing in the warm days of Summer, but now Autumn is approaching here, somehow it just doesn't have the same appeal!

    Thanks for popping over to me, you're always very welcome!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Ah, what a fantastic blog post to stumble upon....you know I think a little of your enthusiasm has rubbed off on me!
    Have a fabulous week and good luck with the 5:2, i'm trying it too - from doing it pre-summer holidays I can tell you after the first week it's quite easy.
    Off to tackle some of my own to-do list! Thanks!
    Sarah :)

  3. Thata girl! Go for it...surprisingly if you can keep up the earlier starts the day does go better...IF ;-) Makes it easier in the summer to do so though.

  4. Sounds like you made the most of your day.

  5. Chipper moods are simply wonderful - though ouch with the bike fall.

    Looking good with the selfie - try looking at the lens of the camera!

    Nina x

  6. Ooooh aren't you a pretty little fox? Great photo.
    I shall try to wake up tomorrow.
    I woke up this morning and my first thought was "Bugger. It's morning already".
    AND it's my birthday so I should have been as chipper as you though. I perked up eventually. Just rubbish in the mornings.
    Thanks for your funny comment on my blog.
    I AM RIPE!!!!!! The husband laughed at that. I love it.
    I am 28 weeks now.
    When did I get pregnant, you asked?
    When I STUPIDLY cracked open a second bottle of wine with the husband before Easter...............