Mini me

When asked what shape she would descibe me as, my mother replied" Toffee Apple!"
Three days later and I'm still doing it…
It is almost as if I've had a mini revelation. Cor, wouldn't they be lovely, mini revels; you could use them as cake toppers… whoops sorry, tangent averted, mind off chocolate, back on track!
Where was I? A mini revelation; I wouldn't let the house get trashed without giving it a good clean, I wouldn't ignore my family (well, that's not exactly true… there was the dreadful present on my birthday incident which left me sulking for almost 24 hours. 'Nuff said, nobody's finest hour). I wouldn't dismiss a huge to do list at work or drive my car into the ground.
So why do I find it so hard to sort my diet out?! I mean, why can't I stop overeating?!
I've done the visualisation, I can see myself skinny. I really want the skinny but up until 3 days ago the skinny would only last until after dinner and then the "Sod it, I'll start properly in the morning/after the weekend/on Monday/ in the New Year" would take over. And I know it's not just me.
But back to the mini revels, nom, nom and nom. Something seems to have clicked in my head. (Not my jaw I hasten to add; I had a friend who used to get jaw click when she chewed, I could never decide if it irritated me or not.) No, this click was more swoosh, like a curtain being drawn on a clear, bright morning.
Who knows how long it will last. A bit like an Auckland Spring, where you will often see four seasons in one day, I'm sure a little rain will fall. But for now, I'm revelling!

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