finders keepers...

3 things I've found this week

1. The enormous lemons growing on next doors tree are actually grapefruit!! This is truly heaven...I live next door to a grapefruit tree. I feel a legalize scrumping campaign coming on.

2. I'd somehow forgotten this photo on my phone, so finding a snap of these amazing melted ceramic jugs folded across a washing line made my day.

3. I FOUND A KAYAK!! I kid you not, on the way to the market last Sunday I spied a kayak on the side of the road. Screeching to a halt, I jumped out and promptly sat in it until Slap had pulled a 'U' ie and parked up beside me.
Theatrical, moi...actually it was a very necessary action as the hordes of white vans that scout the inorganic piles of rubbish were converging like vultures.
What a piece of luck, now I've ticked off the top two on my camping wish list, hammock and kayak, just a bedouin tent and a throne to go!


  1. A kayak 'ooohhhh' you lucky thing!

    That's on the top of hubbys 'I want' list too, but then again he is going through a midlife (being 40!!) crisis!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  2. Brilliant. We had one when we lived in Paremoremeo - used to take it out on Lucas Creek. Great fun.

  3. Wowee - that kayak is a find! I love the idea of you sitting in it to claim it.

    Grapefruits on your neighbours tree? What a fabulous treat! Umm.

  4. Catching up again as usual I'm a bit behind Jus. See you've been up to the same mad fun things. No tell the teenagers their parents aren't boring at all. Hope you do try a spot of scrumping.

    Lisa x

  5. Incredible finds! Ben spotted a snowboard like that once, but he was in the UK and would have had to put the snowboard on the plane to bring it home, so it just became 'the one that got away'!