just because i haven't written a list in ages...

Watching: I think I've mentioned this before but every Saturday night the Maori channel show a great indie' film.

Rabbit Proof Fence stood out recently, extraordinary subject matter...the English in Australia used to forcibly take the children of mixed race couples (white and aborigine) and put them into camps. They were denied any contact with their families and eventually released into servitude. This is the true story of three little girls who escaped the camp and walked hundreds and hundreds of kilometers home to their mothers.

A fabulous film that shocked and inspired.

I spent a very enjoyable evening with girlfriends watching Julie & Julia . I actually enjoyed the film more than I did the book, now that doesn't happen very often! Although Julie Powell is a very engaging character, all through the book I had a the persistent, nagging thought that I'd much rather be reading about Julia Child. The film split the difference beautifully and there was more than enough Julia time. What a woman!

I'm not much of a TV watcher but Nurse Jackie has caught my attention and I now look forward to a weekly dose of strange medical action. Loving Edie Falco's pixie cut too.

Reading: The Memory Keepers Daughter was gobbled up in one sitting; a sad story of discrimination, family dynamics and secrets. Some good strong charaters though, I enjoyed this very much.

I'm not much of a one for chick lit but in a recent 'sitting in the car waiting for basketball practise to finish' episode and with the only choice of reading matter being a leaflet concerning prostate cancer and my daughters book, I chose the latter.
It was about a Shopaholic and I am loathe to admit I can't really remember much else, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it whilst I was reading weird is that? I'd class this as mental candy floss, sweet, insubstantial and only good in really small doses.

Does everybody have a friend that always seems to read the best books, cook the best cakes or find the best treasure? I do and she recently recommended The Surgeon of Crowthorne, a tale of murder, madness and the Oxford English Dictionary. It's a fabulous book and I have learnt at least seven new mouthwatering words that I am desperate to slip into a conversation.

Eating: Paella, bowls and bowls of steaming, ricey goodness. Recently some friendly Mexicans returned to their sunny casa and left me with the entire contents of their fridge and pantry. What fun I've had with boxes and bags of incomprehensible foodstuffs. There have been a few hiccups...never overcook an octopus, it tastes literally like a Dunlop tyre...but the mad abandon with which I've thrown in the contents of all sorts of herby, spicy, garlicy, limey, salty jars and bottles has resulted in some gorgeous one pot wonders. The queen of which has most definitely been Paella.


  1. Hello there Jus!
    Aah I do like a list - so therapeutic aren't they? And you do have the best lists in Blogland, that's for sure. I love reading about other people's reading habits and film pleasures. I've not see "Rabbit Proof Fence" but definitely want to see it having heard so many great comments about it over recent years. I don't know any of the books you mentioned, which is probably because I don't tend to browse bookshops very often. But when a good book comes along it is like the best briefest most passionate love affair, isn't it? I am in need of another good novel to read... still 'missing' The French Lieutenants Woman. And as for paella - I can't really comment there being a veggie - but I do ADORE a good risotto! At the moment my favourite includes any kind of autumn squash roasted before adding to the risotto..... mmmmm.
    Have a lovely rest of the week,
    Denise x

  2. Hi there! Like Denise I love reading your lists. Always interesting. I love paella, although never seen one quite like yours before -looks very yummy! Although not so sure about the mussells.

    Will keep a look out for the books and the films. I'm still looking for a list of books you recommended ages ago - our library has none of them!

    Pinwheel brooch....hmmmm

  3. What a fabulous blog - I'm so glad you dropped by mine so that I can now visit yours like a virtual neighbour. Have you watched Vincent Ward's documentary Rain of the Children? I generally don't like his work, but this haunting and heartbreaking story should be seen by every New Zealander I think.
    Your craft projects are brilliant - I particularly love the torn wallpaper assembled around the blackboard.

  4. Loved your comment on my blog about stains and cleans! I went out to dinner last summer and every other woman there was wearing white trousers - I don't know how they do it - I would probably not make it to the car. And even my daughter now rejects the white handmedowns she gets in copious quantities from her cousins - she looks sadly at them and says she can't cope with white clothing, it would get too dirty too quickly. She obviously takes after me!

    Pomona x

  5. Hello there Jus, lovely to hear from you as always!
    Well, as for murders.... none that I am aware of! The 'village' is unfortunately a town though nice and small and with some pretty features in my opinion. I've never seen John Nettles in any of my favourite haunts, namely Sainsburys or the Charity Shops.....! But there is a road called "Long Barnaby" - now, I have no idea who the Barnaby is in the road name, nor what attributes he may possess of the lengthy variety........ leaving that one to the imagination!
    Looking forward to your next post,
    Denise x