pen pals and cats bums.....

Not so long ago I signed up to the 'A Bun can Dance' (possibly the most delightful, happiest blogger alive) letter swap.

I was teamed with Heather, so I posted off my little parcel and eagerly awaited the Postie's arrival......

Ta Da!! It's arrived and not only do I have a pen pal with incredibly elegant handwriting but I have a new Israeli decoration for our perfectly inelegant Christmas tree.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (I was held down and force fed champagne...that's my story and I'm sticking to it) the tree was decorated by a host of festive teenage elves. Mighty fine it looks matchy poo, no colour co-ordinated decorations, no theme...unless you call looking like the spontaneous combustion of a Christmas Fairy a theme.

So far I've managed to ignore the urge to creep around at 3am and redo it... which could in fact be the most shocking new beach hut tradition so far.

The words 'decorating', 'tree', 'mother' and 'anal retentive' have often been muttered over the years but I'm hanging loose and chillin' like a cheescake this holiday season...and it feels so gooooood!

Thank you Heather, x


  1. he he - my tree is still naked so I'm going to hand it over to the teens & keep my hands off it too .. promise ? well maybe a tiny bit of tweaking !!

  2. Dear Jus
    I'm so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your pen pal experience and getting along happily with Heather!
    Thank you for describing me as the happiest blogger - delighted!
    Have a great week - oh, and STEP AWAY from that Tree!!!!
    D x

  3. How lovely, I never heard from my 'pen pal' as to whether she received her letter from me or not. My letter from her was very sweet, but very short. Hey ho.

    Well you are one step ahead of me...we still don't have the tree up!

  4. You are quite welcome! Again, sorry the letter was late (damn newborns) but there will be more to come (letters, not newborns). Merry Christmas!

  5. What a fantastic decoration: BUT WHAT DOES IT SAY?? Anal retentive teacher here - I need to know what everything says! I just love to read.