it's not unusual...

... to still be singing like a rock god at 70, is it?

Yesterday was spent lazing on a vineyard hillside, drinking wine, sharing food and dancing the night away with some very good friends.

Tom Jones...Legend boyo!
P.S. Does anyone else think he looks a little like an orange Morgan Freeman?


  1. Singing yes, as for looking I have to shut my eyes and use my imagination nowadays.

    Bet you had a fabulous time.

    Lisa x

  2. I....am....not.......jealous!!!

    Nina xxxxxx

  3. sorry he just doesn't do it for me ! but I adore Morgan Freeman !!!

  4. Oh I'd love to see Tom live! Did you hurl your knickers?
    D x

  5. Ha ha, he does. A welcome change from the mop of coal black hair he has been wearing in the sad belief that it made him look younger. What a treat, though to see him. Got to take those moments when you can, they don't repeat themselves. What fun!