salt pot, penguins and a tomato...

A rather literal title I know, but I am lost for words at the magnificence of my thrifty finds today.

The salt pot drew me across the room at a ferocious pace, I was clutching it to my heaving bosom when a couple of Penguins threw themselves off the bookcase aiming squarely at the wobbling wonder that is my breast at full heave.

After a quiet moment in the changing room, where yet again I thanked the Heavens for sending their very tip top angel, Mr W. Onderbra, to live amongst us, I left the shop and toddled on home.

The tomato will live on the windowsill for a little while longer until it's ready to be pinched with salt, the penguins will live on my bookcase. Rest assured they will be weighed down by hefty tomes until they can be trusted not to hurl themselves at the first chesty diva that passes them by...


  1. Blimey that sounds very dangerous - do you have a special injury insurance ?

    For some reason now I have a picture of Bridget Jones with her wonder bra over her T shirt teaching a bunch of girls in a Tai Prison, Madonna's " Like a Virgin" !!!

  2. Jus, you are funny!
    I have a vision of books flying around the shop like something out of Mary Poppins!
    I love your thrifty finds, I've been quite lucky in that department recently and hope to post an update of my goodies next week.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    D x

  3. You're so funny. I love what you write. That vision will be in my mind now when I visit the charity shop, I'm going to look a bit odd with a great big grin on my face the whole time.

  4. About to say all grown-up like what a fabulous photo and then I read what you had written you busty loon. Now I'm all thrown and confused by salt, wonderbras and two depressing novels. I do like coming here Jus, you're a good tonic.

    Lisa x

  5. The colours look lovely together - definitely a justification for reading at mealtimes!

    Pomona x

  6. Indignant from England here - Blogger has just swallowed my comment! But I just wanted to say how nice those colours look together ...

    Pomona x

  7. I love your photo! Very nice colours. Did your tomato come from the same shop by any chance? If so it would have to be a one stop shop for sure.

    I have just been blending my toms from my garden with capsicum, for the winter months that are so very very far in the distance. I do love your salt container hugely.

  8. Oh good gravy, it was you! You with your salty dog and your used penguins, you put that blue and orange in my head. When I came over today I remembered seeing this post, I didn't comment but, I loved your image. Now it all begins to make sense. Prozac and cold medicine?
    Might I bother you for a tomato?