No excuses...I forgot!

Luckily so did he... so another Valentine's Day goes unmarked in the Beach Hut.

However, I did manage to have a recce around the craft market in nearby Devonport and very nice it was too! I am scouting out the best place to sell handmade soap, and although there didn't seem to be a soapmaker at yesterday's fair I'm still waiting for that 'I'm home' feeling to hit me when I first walk through the entrance. Does that make sense?

I love making soap... I used to have a little business in the Isle of Wight (if you were on the ferry circa 1998 and spotted IOW shaped soap, that was me). Farmers Market's and craft shows were a weekly event and I thought that this year I would revisit the art of making soap and give NZ market's a whirl.


Here's a heart for a belated Valentine's Day shout out to the Slap Man



  1. Hey, show us your soap.

    I didn't know you used to live over here, but then most of my brain has wandered off somewhere so perhaps I did know once.

  2. Soap! I hope you find somewhere to sell it. :-)

  3. Aaawwwww - sending love and hugs to you Jus, love and hugs......though no fella should have an excuse to forget!!

    Nina x

  4. hope you find the perfect location. I never saw the IOW soap !

  5. Hello Jus!
    Ooh, how exciting that you are a professional soap maker! I 'encouraged' hubby to buy me a soap making kit for Christmas which I will be playing with soon. I think it must be such a nice thing to make. Do please post more photos!
    Have a lovely week, and hey, who needs Valentines Day - love is for every day of the year isn't it?
    D x

  6. I have always fancied making soap - I just recycle the dregs at the moment! And re your comment, don't worry about profound, I just love compliments, and I am so pleased that you like the pinny - it makes it all worthwhile!

    Pomona x

  7. Ah ha! A soap maker are you? Wonderful. I have not made soap in years. I love your little heart but, it looks good enough to eat!

    I had retrieved one of those Deputy Dawg hats you requested, sadly it is avalanche season and it seems to now be buried under quite a drift of detritus and what not. The moon rock was hurled at the mountain pixie when she called me lazy and out of shape (I swear it's the altitude that has me gasping for breath). Now, they are both gone and I'm stranded on the side of a mountain wheezing, cold and wishing I had pie.