elspeth thompson

Wife, mother, gardener, writer and the leaver of my very first comment.
An inspiration who will be greatly, hugely missed.
Comfort and peace to her family in this saddest of times.


  1. oh how sad - what a lovely looking woman & a very pretty name.

    Did she live there in that railway carriage ?

  2. It is so very sad and shocking isn't it?
    Such a wonderful woman with so much to offer.
    I'm sending prayers and comfort to her family.
    D x

  3. my daughter saw me staring sadly at her image a couple of days ago and not knowing who she was said "oh, mummy that lady looks so lovely and kind"
    and she was, she was beautiful.
    my heart goes out to her family too, poor souls.

    warm hugs to you Jus xxx

  4. To her family, and particularly to her little girl, my sincerest thoughts of comfort. If any can be found. Such profound heartbreak that words can never exist, nor endeavor to be created, for the loss that is hers. The explanations are forever mysteries, may she never search for reasons within herself.