just channel jam…

When I think of jam I'm immediately soothed…

Can a simple concept be the adult equivalent of a baby's security blanket? Actually I was a thumb sucker, hair twirler and maniacal chewer of all things silly enough to enter the airspace around my mouth; unlike Charlie I would not have stopped at a finger. I'm still a hair twirler but the other vulgar habits have dropped away as the years passed. Adult thumb sucking seems to attract the same confused glances as breast feeding a child of school age and I'm almost certain that furiously chomping around the hem of a skirt would not be amongst the 'Womans Weekly, tips to score your perfect job'. So now, when I'm a little jittery I channel jam,

delicious, gloopy, sweet, red and purple jam…I can feel my shoulders loosening as I speak…jaaaaammmmmmm.

George Burns once said that 'Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city'. If, like me, another city is really not an option I suggest you think jam…or hitmen!

Thank you Sarah, the jam is delicious!


  1. Hair twirler too (can you tell!!) - born and bred though chocolate took over the nail chewing.

    Nina x

  2. Jam glorious jam! There really is something significantly comforting about jam. Around this time of year I start to get a little edgy, hoping that last years supply of put up jam takes us all the way through until the next canning season. I count the jars..."hmmm 3 jars of strawberry and 3 of marionberry, oh dear is that going to be enough?" I'm on pins and needles I tell you!

  3. It's pure comfort food isn't it? What's your favourite flavour? I have too many to choose only one - plum, apricot, raspberry, crab apple..... hmmmmm. Only one problem: we don't have any jam in the house at the moment!!! I'll just go write a shopping list........
    Happy jammy days to you,
    Denise x

  4. nail chewer here - Bad bad bad PENNY -47 year old nail chewer.... my cure ? get me to Ramsey Street! don't see nail chewers there...
    (summer bay will do nicely too. Prisoner cell block no good - lots of nail chewers there... )

  5. I also think if you sucked the hem of a skirt after a jam session it would get all sticky which isn't good either.

    I was a sniffer, still am I guess. I started on a jumper aged ? months, once he was sniffed down to a small piece of sleeve I gave him a name and called him Woogy. Now I just settle for snuggling into my yummy kids. Think they'll bat me off as they get older, so pass the Jam Jus.

    Lisa x

  6. I'm a hair twirler too! In fact I end up with lots of twiddles all over my head! Just caught up on your last few posts, you do make me giggle!
    And yes I agree Tom does look like an orange Morgan Freeman!!
    Rachel x

  7. i do so love your humour :oD
    i am hair twirler and reformed nail biter(yeuch). twinkle is a sleeve chewer.
    totally understand the jam thing...pure ambrosia!
    am thinking of making lemon curd this week, i love that too.

    hugs xxx