the moral of the story is...

... never eat a man sized portion of steak and kidney pie before you zumba.

Actually, there are many rules attached to the crazy world of zumba:

...keep your eyes shut at all times when in front of a dance studio mirror. It's only in your head you look like Shakira.

... never look the instructor straight in the eye. It's only in his head that he looks like Patrick Swayze, and I am one baby who is happy to stay in my corner.

... no matter how inebriated, never, NEVER take your zumba moves to a work conference dance floor... Dear God, will I ever live it down.

... as my Nana used to say, 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should'.
Crumping, when you're an over forty, mother of three is not good for your pelvic muscle (or your career, see above)

Finally however, I'd just like to say that I am enormously enamoured of a fitness regime that allows me to whirl like a dervish whilst screaming 'ai ai ai ai Rrrrriba!' at the top of my lungs.

That's me in the middle!


  1. Good grief woman!! Exercise in any form should be banned if you ask me. I'm in fits of laughter just imagining you at your conference. What a hoot that must have been.

  2. LOL I can see you now! Never heard of this type of fitness regime before.

    Glad you liked the barn :-) Everytime I saw one I thought of you...we would have had a great time.

  3. I love your nan's words - so wise when you're under 40, maybe go for it, make a show of yourself and daydream you're a diva when you're over 40. I bet you were a sensation at that conference livening things up.


  4. What a giggle- you don't need nut pills - you are a nut ! A lovely nut

  5. Hi, i have to say i have been loving your blog for a while now, and once again gone through it, well look at the pictures and maybe reading a few posts. Great to see you live in Auckland - so did i but now live in Ireland, i just have to ask you something what beach is that you go walking on, it looks so familar but i just can't think i keep getting Long Bay. And i love the picture of Rangitoto, have a few pictures of that hanging in my house, when the plane flies over Auckland and you see Rangitoto, you know your home - like i will be in three weeks time - and i just cannot wait, Thank for a wonderful blog.

  6. Hi Marisa, Thanks for your lovely comment! You're right the beach is Long Bay... if you're on it during your trip you may spot me wandering. I have a mass of very messy curly hair and a very tall husband... please say hi!

  7. so funny! Your Nana's saying is a great one - must remember that. The exercise regime sounds a great deal of fun, I think I'd like that too. And no doubt I'd be demonstrating my skills in the most inappropriate places too....
    Just watch out you don't overdo it my dear, no muscle or ligament injuries needed, don't you know...