vote for pedro...

I've just spent a very entertaining 20 minutes perusing the candidate information leaflet that plopped into our mailbox last week.

Local Elections 2010 are imminent and I thought I'd actually have a go at being one of the tiny minority that bother to vote this time around.

Of course, there are heaps of very worthy candidates but the ones that caught my fancy are the extraordinary bunch of (complete nutters) fabulous people who would like to rule my world.

Meet Dave,

Dave would like to be the Mayor...
Dave is an honest man but his law and order policies are a little bit out there,

"I am a criminal in the sense that I smoke illegal substances. But in my heart I know I am not bad"

Then there's Wayne,

Wayne would also like to be the Mayor and although I admire his candid approach, I'm not sure he would really have my best interests at heart,

"To be honest the salary of a quarter of a million dollars for Mayor appeals"

We finish with my personal favourite, The Whale.

I'm just going to quote verbatim,

"I promise not to: Urinate on any trees; Sign paintings I have not painted; Send drunken texts after 11pm; Send drunken press releases after 11pm; Hold important meetings in bars.... Put boozing with my mates on my council credit card; Stop putting piggy noses on troughing politicians; Punch ambulance officers.

Vote for the Whale
Keeping the people honest (and sober)"

My hero....swoon


  1. Very well summed up! :-D

    Now as to who is Muriel, well get with it Jus...you'll just have to go back through my posts and find out ;-)

  2. The Whale has my vote and I think that Wayne needs my money clip thingamybob !

  3. I love the idea of Dave, but I'm with your - go whale!

    Nina xxx

    ps. sand dunes and cottage holidays 'oh my' now I'm swooning. N xx

  4. I now have an image of you trying out your carpentry, holding a manual with a naked beardy man... careful what you do with that Chisel dear !!!

  5. Hello there deary !
    I didn't comment on this post when I read it t'other day, cos I didn't understand it, though plenty of it made me laugh !! (I can be very naiive you know ...)
    Anyway, thanks for your admiration of my rosy cushion. Do let me know what colours or patterns you're interested in for barkcloth and I'll keep an eye open for you, here in Blighty - I find at car boots and flea markets there are few people other than me interested in barkcloth, so I've often found a bargain. Anyways, Aunty Jus - tell me your fav colours / patterns and I'll be your Scout....
    D xx

  6. I'm leaning towards the whale, yes. I don't trust Dave... for one, he has a plant for a head, and two, I have a feeling he'd spend all his time looking for snacks.
    As for Wayne, well that's just silly!

  7. Looking forward to the noisy, smelly presents and the outrageous comments ;-)

  8. Hello gorgeous! I love coming to visit you…..you make me feel a bit more normal, or is it we are as mad as each over??? lol

    Lou x