the joys of procrastination...

Once you've admitted to being a neglectful gardener, what else is there to do but don those gumboots and start digging?
there are colourful pencils to be sharpened,
books to be consulted,
pretty plans to be coloured in with the aforementioned pencils,
seeds to be bought,
wine to be drunk,
blogs to be consulted,
more pencil sharpening and more wine buying, and then... and only then, can the gumboots be donned and the digging started.
Oooops, hang on...
I might just need to pop out and buy a new pair of gumboots x


  1. Ha, very funny !
    And so easy to do too .... I'm such a procrastinator it really is untrue!
    But a bit of colouring and research is creative as well as gardening being creative and no doubt, when you're good and ready , you'll be out there wielding the fork !
    D x

  2. Happy prevaricating!!

    Enjoy the wine,

    Nina xxx

  3. I hope you had fun colouring in! Oh and I've emailed you with the Muriel link ;-)

  4. Wow. What a pretty plan! I am dead impressed. Can I borrow you for my allotment planning?! Another beautiful picture. I think floral wellies are a pre-requisite purchase!

  5. What a lovely designed plan - I'm impressed ! The more wine you had did the more random the design become ?!

  6. That all sounds like fun, and exactly the kind of gardening that I do - often.

  7. This last year I really let the garden go to naught. The chickens have had the run of the place and it looks a fright. I do however now own the most amazingly fabulous gumbboots!