monday morning news...

I thought I was going to have to live 'til a hundred before I ever received a telegram, but No!

Look what was waiting for me in the mailbox this morning. How cool is that?... I was planning to send my new penpal a letter in return but now I'm going to have to find a carrier Kiwi bird that can manage the round trip to the U.S. (before you tut tut at my lack of ornithological knowledge, I realise Kiwi's can't fly... I plan to buy it a canoe!)

Happy house move Heather!

So, what else have I been doing recently...

My cinema chum and I have enjoyed a couple of excellent English movies, Four Lions and Made in Dagenham.

I've linked above to the relevant websites in case you're interested, I recommend them both, wholeheartedly.

We actually saw the films in two different cinemas... Four Lions was in one of those old school theatres where the seats are a little lumpy but you don't have to sneak your wine in a drink bottle; Made in Dagenham was a multi plex monster affair, run by twelve year olds with a delicious array of pik n mix lollies and ice cream. Both enjoyable in their own way, although this time I really enjoyed the multi plex because we went during the afternoon and walking out of a cinema into bright, shiny sunshine always makes me feel I've cheated time somehow.

I'm drowning in sweetpeas... which as a way to go would actually be quite nice I think... preferable to a shark attack anyway.

I'm eating rather a lot of asparagus with hollandaise, salt and pepper and I'm baking bread... from scratch... without a breadmaker... this is a big deal... believe me! The recipe is one from Nigella and involves no kneading, yum, gobble, yum,yum, chew!

What have you been up to?


  1. Oh sweetpeas. Sweetpeas. Oh. Shuffles off in her muffler to walk the dog in the mud....

  2. Lovely sweet peas but it's the Bouganvillia I'm adoring ...sigh dreaming of Antigua !
    How strange to receive a telegram. I had to send one once years ago. Of course receiving telegram was once a deadful, dreaded event - the poor postie delivering them was hated too !
    I can never work out if I like Asparagus or not !

  3. Hello my lovely! Please, please, can you send some sweet peas this way!

    Lou xxx

  4. I'm glad you finally got it! Asked for that to be sent off weeks ago. I guess telegrams aren't as fast as they used to be.

    I've also got a little New Jersey themed present to send off (nothing scary :), so once I find my stationary, it'll be making it's trip via the regular smail mail.

  5. I have now decided that if I must go, drowning by sweet peas is the way.
    How grand, a pen pal! Looking forward to the kiwi canoe, what color will it be?
    and asparagus with fresh bread, I'm getting my own canoe and should be popping by some time soon if the current is with me!

  6. Lovely post. am jealous of sweetpeas. I planned my wedding day so that I could have them in my bouquet. Its kind of odd looking at the opposite weather & flowers, it is getting cold here now & empty of floral distractions.
    Haven't seen either of those films. Am looking forward to madein Dagenham, after your comment on my advent sweatshop! I tried to suggest working in undies to my beloved husband but he failed to take it on board!
    Glad you have recieved a telegram. How posh!
    Jacs x

  7. How DID I miss this post? Goodness I've even got 'you' on my side bar - doh! Mmmm Sweet peas, loverly. Cinema with a friend, just perfect. Hope that kiwi didn't fall out of his canoe while supping his wine from a drink bottle.

    Bread, home baked, nothing better...had to stop making it as I eat it = getting fatter!

  8. Hello Jus!
    I'm excited to find another blogger living in NZ!!! I'm from Wellington and am curious to learn which beach you live at!
    What a lovely refreshing blog to visit, I love all of your pics,
    have a great day XXXX