shop update...

Just a few more goodies I've unearthed. Scarily, I probably have enough stock tucked away in cupboards, drawers and under the bed to keep my little shop full to the brim for the next six months, at least.
Will that stop me collecting though.....



  1. Whoa girl, settle down...What are you on? Can I have some?!

  2. Hello Aunty Jus
    Hey, I know all about cupboards brimming with excess stuff ... must have a sort out and sell some of it one day ;-)
    I'm liking the new blog header and other tweakings you've done here. Must go look up those films - haven't been to the cinema for oh so very long!
    I very much envy your sunny days and sweet peas - having said that, I still have sweet peas flowering here at the end of November in a frosty garden - they sure is some feisty sweet peas !!!!
    Happy days to you,
    D x

  3. Hi Jus
    I think I want to come and rummage through your drawers (pause for a chuckle) and cupboards. I also love your new banner. I am trying to work out how to apply your simple templae to my LOUD one and calm it down. Is this off the template list or did you make it up yourself? Gorgeous.

  4. I'm here again to say thank you for your lovely comment. The flame haired beauty is really quite delighted with your admiration ;-)
    Happy days to you, dear Jus!
    D x

  5. Crikey! I want those milk bottles and holder! My mum has a blue bowl that I swear is a twin to that one you have, lovely. I think I should stay far away from your store though, I might break the bank. O.k. maybe just a wee bit of window shopping.