tuesday morning news...

This week I've been thinking a lot... please no applause is necessary, this isn't as unlikely an event as it may sound!

This article started me off...

... and although I'm not a naval gazer as a rule, well these five points really appealed.

So, onto point number one.... Don't sit on the fence.

I'm now a Rugby World Cup 2011 volunteer! I have no idea what I'll be doing as I'd put my hand up to be a car park attendant, however I've been signed up to the ceremonies team. I'm hoping this means I'll be the official Mexican Wave starter, but frankly as long as I get a go on the walkie talkie I'm not really fussed.

Point two... Expand your mind (obviously this is a great sentence for your 'Neil from the Young Ones' voice.)

Saturday saw me at a Bokashi lecture... hmmm, who knew compacted household waste would clear your drains! I'm going to give this a go, watch this space...

Point three... Care for your planet

The article tells you to buy eco cleaning products, but I'm already there on that one. I went one better... I bought a worm farm! The worm tea it produces is apparently the Mongrel Mobs fertilizer of choice so I'll be adding it to my crops and watching them go crazy.

Obviously this isn't me... I'm still working on looking this happy holding handfuls of worm poo!

Point four... Think more deeply

I thought and thought and then realised that I am in fact a shallow vessel, so rather than a philosophy lecture or a Ingmar Bergman film I've decided to post a picture of what has been filling my brain of late... (bargain of the week, Fiona McGuiness just $5!!)

Next week I'll be attempting Point four again!

Point five... my favourite point actually... break bread with friends,

Slap and I shared a chicken kebab and a bottle of beer at the U2 concert Friday night...let the good times roll baby!


  1. Oh you do give me a good laugh first thing in the morning Jus!Ermm, what is compacted household waste? The food we compost?I'm just wonderin how that would work?
    I wouldn't be keen on the worm poo either!In fact I'd probably have the same expression as I do when I scoop poop for Wilson on a walk!!
    Looking forward to your next attempt at No 4!
    Rachel x

  2. Hmm, yup I think point four would get me as well ;-)

    Oh and got my dates booked!

  3. ooohhhhhh that is a pretty good list with a lot of plus points though worm poo - i'm not too sure about that one, but hey 'you go girl' - big thumbs up.

    Nina xxx

  4. Way to go girl ! Worm tea ? er, no thanks all the same - I'll stick to builders'.

  5. I read properly, had a response all lined up, but the cat seems to have had a poo and it's wafting in from three rooms away and I'm getting a bit overpowered, possibly about to be sick. So for now I've been by, I've said hello and I'm impressed by your shoes too, But Bono Oh no no.


  6. Well now this is a pointy post, isn't it? I'm liking it very much. Certainly I love the shoes and do consider such love to be remotely shallow ;-)
    As for the worms, I am all envy, I would love a wormery - just need to find a spare place in the garden.
    Good luck with revisiting point 4 ... I look forward to that one!
    D x