escape to beach hut...

I am the lucky owner of 20 20 vision, which I am duly grateful for.... BUT, I hanker after a pair of spectacles! There is something wildly sexy about goggles which is why I'm always stealing Slap's.

This morning however, whilst checking myself out in the mirror, I had a rather unsettling experience. I morphed into Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Admittedly my vision was a bit blurry (Slap is almost at bottle top level), so I thought I'd let you judge for yourselves...



Do you have a celebrity lookilikee?


  1. Hugh's really trying to give it a Vixen like playful come on with his gaze over the shoulder. Thankfully Jus you look like a very attractive woman caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

  2. Hilarious. Can you cook like him?! You look fabulous. enjoy the 20 20 vision & just get some fakeys! I don't need glasses (yet. the optician seemed to get some joy out of telling me I was getting older) but I fancy trying the sexy librarian thing sometimes!

  3. Hello you! Lovely to see you :) (ps. you REALLY don't want glasses, believe me).

  4. He He Who Do I look like ? A Yetti right now ! It's beautiful Jus - the Island has snow !

  5. I think they're good bins. Very good bins. Nothing wrong with those.

    Nice to see you by the way!

  6. lol, I nearly choked on my bread and butter pudding! I’m lost for words…….. :0)))))

    Lou xxx

  7. I forgot to say, you look GORGEOUS!!! XXX

  8. I'm wondering if the photo's been cropped so that we don't see your Hugh style stubble??
    And it must be said that Slap has good taste in glasses - amongst other things!
    I don't think we've ever seen your face before have we? Well well, you look very lovely in spite of the not-remote-resemblance to Hugh FS :-)
    Happy weekend!
    D x
    PS: can we do a brief season swap, albeit only for 24 hours? I'm a bit bored of snowdom now and would love some sunshine ...... aaah .....

  9. Hey gorgeous! I think your lack of receding hairline blows the deal.

  10. Well, well, well, (three holes in the ground!) you are a laugh indeed. I had to glance more than a few times at your it really you?! You look like you've lost a bit of weight?

    It is ffrreezzing hands are numb from feeding the guinea pigs.