Shoes, spoons and soup...

I'm starving!
This silly summer cold has really knocked me for six. I drag myself out of bed whilst most people are enjoying their morning tea. With the boys all suffering too it means the fridge and pantry have been left bare and at the thought of the supermarket, I want to scuttle straight back to bed. My stomach rumbles and drastic measures are taken with left overs... a potato-ey broth warms me up from the inside and I start to feel a little more human.


I self medicate. Watermelon bursts with anti oxidants and now is the season to buy them in bulk. Half now and half in the freezer, where the cold turns my slice into an enormous ice lolly.


Whilst I have my camera in hand I take a picture of handles. These old kitchen tools have been collected over the years and are still regularly used. I'm not sure what appeals to me so much about this tiny corner of my kitchen, I don't analyse it.


Incredibly, new shoes have the ability to make my red nose and saggy pyjamas look almost stylish! I parade around the laundry before admitting that they're too pointy for my flip flop feet. I sell them in my shop, my loss will be someone else's gain.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. No broadband for a week here so a lot to catch up on since I pinged back into action tonight. Photos and blog tweaking looking fabulous. Hope poorliness getting kicked into shape.

    Those handles remind me of the beauties in my childhood kitchen. Lovely.

    I agree with you Jus, that despite the beyond imaginable horrors of recent days, it is needed to still live and have somewhere lovely to escape to. It's not pretending it's keeping spirits high and finding all that is good out there.

    Take care my lovely. I'm off for a hop around the rest of blogdom.


  2. That soup looks delicious! I, too, have flip flop feet and have rid my closet of all things pointy =-) Hope the weekend finds you well and ready to enjoy!

  3. I've never thought of putting watermelon in the freezer before! Must try it!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Curl up on the sofa with an old movie and some pop corn :))

  4. Love your bright, kitcheny corner, and the look of your potatoey soup. Get better! Quick!