A dessert best not served at all!

How old do your kids have to be before they’re not your “KIDS” anymore?

Before you stop feeling that primal mother bear urge to not just protect, but to rip off the head of any individual who doesn’t appreciate your childs many talents, acknowledge their outstanding attributes and worship at the altar of their all-round gorgeousness? So the last bit may be going too far, but I’m serious when I ask…. Will I be a mad old granny, frothing and twitching because my OAP offspring have been mistreated?

When I found out that my daughter had been dumped by the primary school ‘in’ crowd I thought my heart would burst. I would lie awake at night and think of ways to make the ‘mean girls’ pay. Whilst counselling Lil to rise above it and look for new and nicer friends, I would be secretly plotting against the parents of the mean girls. There was no potential revenge too horrific for the destroyers of my baby’s happiness, snakes in the sand pit, poisoned crayons, even dog poo sandwiches sneaked into lunch boxes. I was a woman obsessed.

Luckily for both Lily and me, the dumping only lasted a week; a new friend was made and the mean girls left behind. I was able to return to the school gate and leave my evil eye and voodoo Barbie doll at home.

HOWEVER, a new ‘mean girl’ has entered the arena and the only reason I haven’t optrexed the evil eye is the very real threat of my twenty one year old baby disowning me. I’m still completely outraged by the audacity of this (fifty something!) mean girl who really should know better but I am incredibly proud of Lil’s determination to fight her own battles.

Rest assured though, if a frothing old woman who’s a sandwich short of a picnic is needed I’ll be there… and the sandwich will be all about the canine!


  1. Don't think we'll ever stop, my eldest 26 and still ask if he's had his breakfast! ... The mean girls always get their comeuppance ... it just may take time! xxx

  2. I never think they are to old, my grany said to me once that every day she thought about my dad who had left Holand about 50 years ago. It made me stop and think of my dad not as a dad but as a son, how sad for my grany the 4 of her 5 children left to make better lives for themselves .

  3. Ooh, that would have made me mad too. Glad it all worked out :)

  4. You go missus!

    I think once a parent always a parent though weirdly enough I don't get the same vibes off of mine - maybe they couldn't wait to get rid of me.

    Wait by the wings and see what unfolds would be my advice, but keep that 'gag' sarnie on standby.

    Nina x

  5. I have kids in their early 20s ... I haven't stopped hating everyone who hurts them yet so I guess it's never going to happen. A stick in the eye to the mean girls says I ;D