Operation Fiji

I'm sure that the vows Slap and I made over 20 years ago included the word 'supportive'; as of course they should. That's what marriage is all about isn't, support, love and someone to put the bins out.

So when I start whining about being tubby, he usually offers bags and bags of silent support, in fact he's got so good at it he can even be supportive whilst never once taking his hand off the TV remote or his eyes off the screen. It's a veritable art form! So imagine my surprise when this time he paused the rugby mid game, swivelled his head in my direction and said, "You better get on to fat fighters then, as I want to book a week in Fiji at the end of September."

Talk about a double take... I almost put my neck out. I was so surprised that I nearly didn't finish my Crunchie (if I had said carrot stick you'd know I was lying)

Anyway, anyway....'Fiji' I squawked, 'Fiji!'

Apparently we are all going for a week of sun, sea and sugar laden cocktails salad. How bloody awesome is that!!?! The last time we all went on an overseas trip was six years ago; this may be our last family holiday too, as just us 5. Lil is hoping to start some serious travelling next year.

So Bula Baby! Operation Fiji... the mighty slim down, starts now (well as soon as I've finished the amond Magnum I've got hidden under the peas in the freezer anyway.)


  1. Wonderful, what a surprise! I could do with a holiday like that...some sun would be fantastic! I don't think we are going to have a summer this year, it is July already and the weather is terrible!

  2. We have spent two of our last three Christmas holidays in Fiji, we had the best time so the next year we took our friends. We stayed at the Raddison the best place o stay. I hope you have fun getting fit for Fiji.

  3. How fantastic ... so happy for you! xxx

  4. My husband suprised me with a trip to Spain last year for our 20 year anniversary (minus kids); he's never ever suprised me with anything before, in fact I knew nothing until we arrived at the airport! I had with me some spare undies and socks, boots,a furry jacket and 1 evening dress!! Fiji sounds wonderful good luck with the diet!

  5. How come I've missed all your latest posts and then suddenly you turn up on my blog list again? So glad you did because now I know your exciting news. - wow worth only having one choccie bar a day for. Can't help with the fat thing as I completely lack self-control. Have the loathing though. I tried moving my tummy up and sucking it in tonight and then saw a glimpse of what I used to look like which was rudely interrupted by a gorgeous nearly 12 year old staring at me quizzically. She was one of the reasons I have this tummy along with my sweet toothy. Good luck keeping off the nice stuff for your Fiji Bod.