I've just bought a vibrating belt

Apparently just 4 minutes of vigourous vibration a day is equivalent to 400 sit ups.
Get away!
So does this mean that if I keep it on for an hour a day I'll have a six pack by this time next week?
I'm going to start the scientific testing process this weekend in front of my Midsummer Murder dvd; I can honestly say I've never felt quite this excited about exercise, EVER.

If the belt doesn't work I'm going to try a hula hoop.
If the hula hoop doesn't work I'm going to buy a number of enormous puff ball dresses which will give the illusion of a teeny, tiny waist.
It's just win, win really!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck. If it works let me know. A slimmer waist whilst sitting about gently vibrating. Sounds perfect!

  2. Wow! Teeny Tiny waist here you come! Looking forward to hearing how it works out, I may need to buy one!

  3. Sometimes I feel like you are me!!! Will reply to your comment over at mine tonight when the kids are in bed and I have a glass in hand.
    x x

  4. We had a vibrating belt thing and do you know I couldn't even be arsed to put that on in the end. Pretty much summed up my lazy attitude to any form of exercise. Good luck with yours as it does seem perfect sitting while gently humming away.


  5. Yes! Puffball dresses like this one. Awesome. She doesn't even need to work to keep that hoop up! x Jacs