Saturday Morning

Life is all about little routines isn’t it?

Saturday mornings are filled with rugby, soup recipes and the smell of muffins baking as a rule, and this week was no exception.

I made a beefy broth of a soup to counteract the frosty mornings we’ve been experiencing and then filled the cake tin with some caramelised apple and brown sugar muffins.

I’ve created a Pinterest board to capture all the recipes I’ve found for our weekend cook-fests so for more soup, scone and muffin recipes please click on the link.

How was your weekend?


  1. I like the sound of those muffins.

  2. I want a piece of your weekend Jus - it looks soooo lush....roll on the holidays.

    Nina xxx

  3. Oh lordy! That beef soup looks amazing! and the muffins!
    We ordered a pizza.
    I'm ok with that.
    Please send muffins.

  4. Now I don't quite know how this has happened, but I've only just found your blog. What the heck......I LOVE it!!!! Oh I love your writing style and you have tum trouble like me and you love cake and oooooooh I will be back and am proud to say I am your newest follower. I know Nicki from Homebird and Julie from A Tale from Toadstool House via Blogland so I can't believe I've not found ya sooner.
    Gem x x

  5. That beef soup does look spectacular, I don't really eat meat but I'd have tried that.

    We're almost to the next weekend now! Have a good one :D

  6. Hi i'm nominating you for a award tomorrow.