A good day to start a diet?

Is there a better day than Monday, 1st of anything to start a diet?

I woke up half an hour earlier than usual. I jumped off the bus three stops before my usual and walked the rest. I had hot lemon water, black coffee, a banana and a skinny yogurt for breakfast. I spied this at lunchtime;

Normal service has been resumed!

Is there a better day than Tuesday, 2nd of anything to start a diet?


  1. I started mine last week I'm feeling better for it, good luck.

  2. Oh good, you are still my best virtual friend. Was getting worried for a mo there!!!
    (says she, scoffing half a box of Cadbury's...I kid you not)

  3. Well you had a good start ... girl after my own heart! xx

  4. I've never dieted Jus. Always had a great metabolism until I had kids and hit my 40's. I know exercise and not eating Mars Bars at 10am because I never eat breakfast isn't the best, but hey ho that's what long drapey tops were made for. Good luck if you ever do do it. I guess we all wish we had that body where little moved and bulged over the tops of our jeans, but it's just too much hard work isn't it.


  5. oh that looks so good
    diet is not working with me but I started to sport 2 years
    ago and I tell you is working

    enjoy the weekend

  6. Haha! I have heard that Wednesday is the best day to start! x