Life is a rollercoaster...

A cliche I know, but fitting.

There's an 18th birthday to plan, a 21 year old to be waved off and missed dreadfully, a 15 year old who has turned into a social butterfly and a old bloke who just needs a bit of love.
When it all gets too much I make a dash for the kitchen. My nuturing self needs to cook, there's something about putting food on the table and inviting people to eat that soothes. My first stop is usually the market... be it super or street, I love them both.

A soft french goats cheese, the first tiny strawberries of the season, incredible American chocolate and salt caramel brownies, crusty sourdough and two ripe mangoes accompanied me home over the weekend. A quick fossick in the fridge and handfuls of garden herbs left us groaning under the weight of some serious snacking.

Comfort cooking... can't beat it.


  1. Sound like your going to be busy, the food sounds great.

  2. Sounds lovely Jus .. love your foodie posts!