Walk this way...

Morning all, would you like to walk to work with me today?

I'm only asking because I'm trying to introduce a little exercise into my day and Auckland was so kind with her offer of a stunning Spring morning; it would have been rude not to jump off the bus two stops earlier than yesterday and stomp the rest.

I jump off at the newly fashionable Wynyard Quarter and head for the bridge that crosses the harbour. I'm out of luck today as there's no sign of a tall mast on the horizon, so the bridge is down and I can walk straight across.

I love this part of Auckland. I cut through the old boat building yards on my way to the water and on days like this, when it's really still and warm, it's a struggle to drag myself away.

Anyway onwards and upwards....

Off the bridge and I head straight for the Viaduct. This is where you'll find a heap of squealing kids on a Friday night... avoid at all costs, however early this morning it was serene.

And this is me!
Up the escalator....
Coffee from the lobby...
At my desk by half past eight.

P.S. That cruise liner is not coming through the window at speed, it's parked on the water right outside. From my window I can pretty much eyeball the captain.

Have a great day!


  1. Look like you have a nice walk, looks like nice weather.

  2. Oh that blue sky and warmth....I want some!

  3. What a fabulous place to work! Lovely, vibrant pictures xxx

  4. Wow what a lovely walk in you have and the view from your office must be amazing!