food glorious food

Next on the list is the diet - Man, I loathe that word!
I'm a chubby. I love chocolate, chip butties, meat pies and mashed potatoes. I can eat an entire packet of chocolate digestives in less that 4 minutes (I timed myself Sunday... don't ask) and there isn't a slice of cake out there that I would turn down.
I love red wine, white wine, fruity cocktails and icy G&T's. Cheese, pate, chicken sandwiches and family sized packets of salt and vinegar are glorious grazers. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, steamed puddings and strawberry pavlova - all worthy third courses. BUT (and it's a big butt, tee hee), it's time gentlemen please.

I'm 45 - I plan on going for at least that long again and this means the unhealthy appetite has to go the same way as the cigarettes and crumping. I'm a non-smoking, healthy eating, sensible party animal.

I am Nana... hear me roar!


  1. I could tick yes to your list of foods to eat, but over the last three months I started walking and watching what I eat I have now lost 17km and proble have that much again but I will do it, so good luck.

  2. Girl after my own heart Jus!

    Love Claire xx

  3. Good luck Jus - that word sends shivers down my spine, but you seem like a determined women and I'm sure there's a little bit stubborn in you too... I bet you can take on that word and conquer!

    Nina x