my man chuck...

This is daunting... not only a blank page but it's that resolute month where all seems possible; it's just a little difficult to begin.
I have big plans for January. Sitting in the boot of my car is a gaudy backpack, splattered with logo's and motivational one-liners. It's been there since November, my prize for braving a rainy Saturday morning where I completed a direct debit form and nodded enthusiastically while a sweaty youth in lycra promised that a cross trainer would change my life.
I'm sure it would too, if I would just get on it.

So this is the month that I dig out my old Chuck Taylor's and that nasty T-shirt that has hair dye around the collar. The ghastly backpack will remain simmering in the car; I have an orange string bag that adds sartorial aplomb to my 'jogging Nana' outfit.


  1. Oooh is that you in the Converses, Jus? You dfinitely don't look like a jogging Nana!

    Good luck ... rather you than me

    Claire xxx

  2. HA, HA, HA! Oh don't I know that feeling oh so well! Go for it jogging Nana!

  3. If I jogged I would die. My boobs are too big, my asthma is chronic. Therefore I shall sit back with a Double Decker and hear all about how you got on. Wheeeeeze.
    x x x x

  4. Good luck better you than me, but I do walk 5 km each morning.