This week I"ll be mostly...

This weekend's indulgence was a crisp apple tart from here
... writing a book!

Not really, well sort of. I'm not one of those tortured souls who lives to write, scribbling frantically at 3am. But when the mood takes me I love to fill pages, scratching away with my trusty 2B.

I have an excellent daydream where one day I'll post my story off to a publisher whereupon they'll beg me to sign a contract for a squillion dollars. I'll buy a cottage and live a simple life, writing, fishing, cooking and jetting off to Los Angeles every so often. I'll appear on the Ellen Show, where she'll stand in open mouthed wonder as I dance the audience into a frenzy. I'll also stalk Ewen MacGregor (I have a squillion dollars I can afford the court costs).

Rest easy though Ew baby... my book writing is alot like my exercise regime, often thought of but rarely undertaken!


  1. Good luck with your writhing, I like the look of those apple tarts.

  2. Good luck with the book Jus, hope all your dreams come true!

    That apple tart looks divine, hope you gave it the reverence it deserves ...

    Love Claire xxx

  3. I hope Ewan McGregor isn't reading this! Have a good week, the apple tart looks delish!

  4. Phwoar. Nice-looking tart.

    I'd stalk Ewan too. I'd arm wrestle you for him.