New Shoes, New Shoes!!

Kathryn Wilson loafer

Every six months I buy myself a pair of 'good' shoes.

The inverted commas are to explain that I don't mean I buy just 2 pairs of shoes a year. I get through at least 6 pairs of jandals (flip flops for the non-kiwi's) every summer; but I like a pair of warm weather shoes and a pair of cold weather shoes that will not fall to pieces after just one season.

I take these purchases very, VERY seriously. Shoes in NZ are not cheap (nothing in NZ is cheap but that's another story!) and 'good' shoes can be the dollar equivalent of our electricity bill. However, I work full time, I work hard and the arena in which I work is such that delicious footwear is the norm.

I sound like I'm justifying the spend and maybe I am. Would anyone really notice if I turned up in worn shoes? Probably not, but there has to be a reason for the 6am start and the evenings on call, and here is mine...

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